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Huatai Oil Machinery - Rice Bran Oil Project ExpertRICE BRAN OIL ENGINEERING PROJECT SOLUTIONS

rice bran oil mill plant

Huatai Oil Machinery can undertake rice bran oil pre-treatment section, rice bran oil solvent extraction section, rice bran oil refining section, rice bran oil production line, etc.

Small Sacle Rice Bran Oil Processing Plant10TPD-200TPD rice bran oil production line

Huatai Oil Machinery have small rice bran oil processing plant. Our rice bran oil production line has the advantages of affordable cost, reliable quality, durable and easy maintenance.

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Complete Large Scale Rice Bran Oil Production Line 200-5000TPD rice bran oil making machine

We can provide you with a professional rice bran oil pretreatment process, it mainly consists of cleaning section, rice bran and tips separation machine, rice bran softening and conditioner and rice bran extrusion machine. 

Rice Bran Oil Pretreatment PlantRice bran oil pre-pressing section

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Rice Bran Oil Solvent Extration MachineRice bran oil solvent extraction plant

Rice Bran Oil Refining MachineDifferent scales rice bran oil refinery process


Henan Huatai Cereals And Oils Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1950, which is a large-scale rice bran oil machinery manufacturing enterprise, integrating R & D manufacture and installation as one of the major grain and oil machinery manufacturing factory in China. Our company headquarters located at Huaxian County Industries, Henan Province, China, with covering 100,000.00 square meters.

Huatai Group can undertake medium and large scale rice bran oil production lines, and can design, develop, produce and install the full set of medium and large rice bran wax and protein production lines.

We are the factory of manufacturing vegetable oil processing machinery in China. We can provide you with the complete set of equipment design and production solutions for medium and large rice bran oil factory.

We can provide you diffrent solution for rice bran oil pretreatment section, rice bran oil solvent extraction section, rice bran oil refining section, rice bran oil protein machine and rice bran oil wax machine, also we can provide you with different production equipment according to your requirements.

Henan Huatai oil processing equipment has sold more than 30 provinces in China and exported to more than 130 countries and regions, such as: Nigeria, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Ghana, Zambia, Côte d’Ivoire, Congo, Kenya, Japan, Bolivia, Sudan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Russia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, Rwanda, Peru, Argentina and Venezuela etc. You can ask our sales manager if there are agents in your country or region.

According to the different needs of customers, as well as your land area, production capacities, raw material, etc., we will make different plans for you.

Our factory is located in Huaxian County, Henan Province, China. Welcome to come here and visit our factory.

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