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Rice Bran Oil Solvent Extraction Machine

rice bran oil extraction machine

Rice Bran Oil Solvent Extraction Machine

Type: Rice Bran Oil Solvent Extraction Machinery, Rice Bran Oil Solvent Extraction Method, Rice Bran Solvent Extraction Processing Plant

Productive Capacity: 20-2000 Tons per day

Rice Bran Oil Extracted Processing Material: Puffed Rice Bran

Major Equipment of Rice Bran Oil Extraction Process: Rotocel Extractor/Loop Extractor/Towline Extractor, D.T.D.C Desolventizer Toaster, Evaporation And Steam Stripping Equipment, and Paraffin Recovery Equipment


The extraction workshop of rice bran oil, in a word, it is to get crude rice bran oil by Rice Bran Oil Extraction Method

For actually, the production line of rice bran oil extraction machine adopts the type of safe and advanced technology rice bran oil processing craft on basis of chemical extraction theory. As we all known, the developed countries make processing of 90% edible oil by cooking oil solvent extraction process. Therefore, the rice bran oil extraction plant mainly includes extraction system, desolventizing and toasting system, Evaporation System and condensation system.

The rice bran oil extraction processing flow chart is showed as following:

rice bran oil solvent extraction process

Oil Extraction System: For extracting rice bran oil from expanded rice bran to get miscella, which is mixture of oil and hexane;

Wet Meal Desolventizing System: For removing solvent from wet cake meal, toast as well as dry meal, so that get proper finished meal product qualified for animal feed;

Miscella Evaporation System: For evaporating and separating hexane out from miscella under negative pressure well;

Oil Stripping System: For thoroughly removing residual solvent to produce standard crude oil for the following Rice Bran Oil Refining Plant;

Solvent Condensing System: To recover and circulating use of hexane again;

Paraffin Oil Recovering System: To recover residual hexane gas remained in vent air by means of paraffin rice bran oil for reducing solvent consumption;

rice bran oil solvent extraction machine

Craft Features of Rice Bran Oil Solvent Extraction Machine:

1) To adopt negative pressure evaporation to ensure excellent rice bran oil quality;

2) Rice bran oil extraction method not only is highly adaptable, but also it can adapt to different raw materials;

3) Surely, all rice bran oil solvent extraction plant are provided with exhaust gas absorption system for excellent absorption effect;

4) What’s more, full energy-saving design utilizes the heat energy many times and saves steam consumption.



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