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2-200T/D Rice Bran Oil Production Line

2-200T/D rice bran oil production line is a process of extracting oil from rice bran, which is a by-product of rice milling. It involves a series of processes including rice bran oil pretreatment machine, rice bran oil extraction machine, and rice bran oil refining machine.


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2-200T/D Rice Bran Oil Production Line

Type: 2-200T/D Set of Rice Bran Oil Production Line, Rice Bran Oil Mill Project Cost, Rice Bran Oil Machine

Productive Capacity: 2-200 Tons per day

Raw Material: Rice Bran

Rice Bran Oil Factory Processing Flow: Rice bran oil is extracted from the germ and inner husk (bran) of rice. It is a valuable domestic oil resource in many countries1. The production line of rice bran oil involves a series of processes including pretreatment, extraction, and refining.

Rice Bran Oil Pretreatment Plant: Rice Bran-tips Separation Section; Rice Bran Softening And Conditioning Section; Rice Bran Extrusion Machine.

rice bran oil production line

Main Equipment of Rice Bran Oil Production Line: Magnetic Selector, Rice Bran-tips Separation Sieve, Elevator, Softening Conditioner, Cooker etc.

1. Technical index for puffing Rice Bran Oil Pretreatment Process:

(1) Moisture of puffed rice bran: 7-8%
(2) Color of Puffed Rice Bran: Normal

2. Consume of puffing pretreatment plant:

(1) Electric consume per ton matarial: 35 kw.h
(2) Steam consuming per ton matarial: 200kg
(3) Water consume per ton material: 50kg

Rice Bran Oil Solvent Extraction Machinery: Solvent Extraction Section; Desolventizing And Toasting Section; Evaporation Section; Condensation Syetem.

rice bran oil production line

Main Equipment: Rotocel/Loop/Towline Extractor, Desolventizer Toaster, Mixed Oil Evaporator etc.

1. Technical index of Rice Bran Oil Solvent Extraction Plant:

(1) Residual Oil in Cake: Main Equipments: ≤1.5%
(2) Color of Cake: Normal
(3) Residual solvent in crude oil: ≤300ppm
(4) Volatile substance in crude oil: ≤ 0.2%
(5) Color of crude oil: No smell, clean when temperature higher than 80¡æ

2. 20-200T/D rice bran oil solvent extraction equipment process indicators:

(1) Solvent consumption: 2.5kg/t raw material
(2) Steam consumption£» 250-300kg/t raw material
(3) Residual oil content of meal: ≤0.5-1.5%
(4) Power consumption: 12-19kwh/t material
(5) Water vomsumption: 0.5-1.5 CBM/ raw material
(6) Residual solvent of meal: ≤500ppm (qualified explosion test)

Rice Bran Oil Refining Factory: Physical Deacidification And Deodorization Section; Rice Bran Oil Continuous Dewatering Section; Rice Bran Oil Decolorization And Filtering Section; Rice Bran Oil Crystallization And Maturing Section; Rice Bran Oil Dewaxing Section; Electric Control System.

Main Equipment: Filter Equipment, Deacidification Tower, Crystallization & Maturing Tank, Deodorization Tower, Crude Oil Tank, Decolorizing Tank etc.

Specification of Small-scale Edible Oil Refining Unit: 2-10T/D

Product Features:

1) It is for intermittent refining, and has all functions of large and medium-sized intermittent Rice Bran Oil Refining Equipment, also better than the large and medium-sized refining equipment;

2) Combined into whole set, it can provide heat source by itself with electric control, light weight and low power consumption;

3) It covers a small area, and easy to operate.

Overseas Business Offices and Projects:

30T/D Rice Bran Oil Making Project in Bangladesh

100T/D Rice Bran Oil Factory/Mill Plant in Bangladesh

Cambodia 30T/D Rice Bran Oil Making Project built by Huatai Oil Machinery

Also we have the business office in Bangladesh, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, etc. Welcome to visit us, we will provide the latest rice bran oil machine price.