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Small Sacle Rice Bran Oil Refining Unit

rice bran oil refining machine

Small Sacle Rice Bran Oil Refining Unit


Type: Small scale high-level complete set of rice bran oil refining machine has won the national patent (patent number: ZL 99 252888.7), at present, it is the third generation product developed by the present company. This unit is intermittent refining unit, with all the functions of large and medium intermittent oil refining equipment, better than large and medium refining equipment, one unit with all functions, convenient transportation, small footprint, less operators, and energy saving.

Execution material: Rice bran oil

Productive capacity: 1-10T/D

Main equipment: neutralization boiler, decolorization tower, deodorization boiler, heat conduction oil boiler, vacuum pump, compressor, pressure filter, steam generator

Application: High-grade cooking oil refining of crude rice bran oil, groundnut oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, corn germ oil, animal oil, etc.

Huatai Oil Machinery product of national invention patent of high-grade rice bran oil refining processing line is a kind of high-efficiency intermittent refining of rice bran oil with low cost, low energy consumption, easy transportation and low-functioning staff. No need for plant dedication, indoor and outdoor operations are applicable for this low capacity rice bran oil refining technology.

The process flow of small scale Rice Bran Oil Refining Machine:

Oil insertion, preheating, acid refining, alkali refining, 2-3 times washing, dehydration-24 hours

General introduction processing line of rice bran oil refinery:

● Alkaline refining. Light conduction heat oil boiler, control heat conduction oil temperature of 98 degrees, and start the vacuum pump. Both low temperature and high temperature alkali refining are available based on the alkali concentration and oil temperature. High temperature alkali refining is only applicable for low acid value, light color, and low impurity crude oil refining.

● With washing. Heat the oil to 90 degrees after releasing the soapstock, and add hot water for washing and agitation. Control water temperature 5-10 degrees higher than oil or emulsion. Continuously stir the mixture 5 minutes, keep the stand for 4 hours, emit soap and water, and wash several times 203 times. Stir and dehydrate for 1 hour after clear temperature of oil heated to 105 degrees. Clear washed oil can be inhaled by kettle discoloration by dying 30 minutes of vacuum.

● Discoloration. Vacuum pump with 700mmHg high vacuum sends alkali oil for decolorization boiler. Keep stirring until the temperature reaches 90 degrees, add decolorizer (white clay, or activated carbon) after moisture reduces to less than 0.1%, and separate white clay from cooking oil by compressing air to the filtration system of oil to obtain the bleached cooking oil.

● Evaporation and deodorization. Evaporates and deodorizes cooking oil while at the same time high vacuum reaches up to 755mmHg. It takes 4 hours for deodorization under 240℃/755mmHg, 260℃/759mmHg with continuous steam distillation.

● Refrigeration and packaging. Close steam and heat conduction oil, open cooling water valve, and close the vacuum pump until the oil temperature is reduced to 40℃-80℃. Refined cooking oil packaging after inspection of oil sample.

rice bran oil refining machine


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