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Rice Bran Oil Mixed Oil Evaporator

Mixed Oil Evaporator of Rice Bran Oil

Rice Bran Oil Mixed Oil Evaporator

Product Introduction:

Mixed oil evaporator is a part of Rice Bran Oil Extraction Plant. It is mainly used for the oil and solvent separation and purification of mixed oil concentration in oil and chemical industry processing enterprises, so as to achieve the technological requirement.

Equipment structure: This device is composed of several independent parts connected by flange. There is the indirect steam heating preserve coat outside shell body. There are 6-11 units trays installed in tower, tray welding to shell body avoid gas shortcut cases, each unit tray is composed of overflow tray, cone-shaped distribute tray and ring supporting tray. Set up liquid foam collect device at the tower top, and oil collect tray at the bottom, it is connected to central pipe through guide flow pipe, and the lower part of the central pipe is connected to indirect steam pipe equipped with nozzle.

Operating Principle: 

During working, the thick mix oil takes in from the tower top inlet pipe, first loading the overflow tray of the first unit tray, the overflowed thick mix oil shape very thin liquid certain flowing down at the surface of cone-shaped tray. After adapted by ring tray, still take on liquid film flow to the overflow tray of the second unit tray, again overflow to shape film flow from up to down. The mix gas combined direct steam and solvent is going upward, contact with the converse flowing liquid film layer by layer, so as to dripping out the solvent of the mix oil.

Advantages of Mixed Oil Evaporator:

1) Evaporation within a vacuum for better oil quality.

2) Extraction system suitable for processing various raw materials.

3) Developed by BMC self, solvent recovery system from vent gas is highly absorbent.

4) Conserves energy and steam.

Craft Features:

Less steam consumption, simple operation, negative pressure evaporation, crude oil with good quality.

Technical Parameters:

Model Design Pressure (MPa) Operating Pressure (MPa) Operating Temperature (¡æ) Design Temperature (¡æ) Heat Exchange Area (m²)
ZFQ8.0 Shell pass 0.55 0.5 158 162 8
Tube pass Ordinary pressure Ordinary pressure 120 150
ZFQ15.0 Shell pass 0.55 0.5 158 162 15
Tube pass Ordinary pressure Ordinary pressure 120 150
ZFQ32.0 Shell pass 0.55 0.5 158 162 32
Tube pass Ordinary pressure Ordinary pressure 120 150
ZFQ40.0 Shell pass 0.55 0.5 158 162 40
Tube pass Ordinary pressure 120 150



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