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Rice Bran And Tips Separation Sieve

rice bran and tips separation sieve

Rice Bran And Tips Separation Sieve

Product Introduction:

The equipment is to separate rice bran and tips in Rice Bran Oil Pretreatment Plant. After separation, rice bran contain tips is less than 3%, tips contain bran is less than 5%, thereby not only improve rice bran oil pressing oil yield, also the separated rice tips has comprehensive utilization value.

Operating Principle:

The rice bran and tips separation sieve is mainly composed of the sieve body, the vibration mechanism, the material distribution structure and the frame. It utilizes the centrifugal inertial force generated by the high-speed rotation of the weighted block to make the horizontal and vertical vibration of the sieve body. The material makes a strong undulating jump motion on the sieve surface, so that the rice, rice bran and broken rice are separated, respectively from the different discharge port flows out. The final effect is that rice bran should not contain normal and complete rice grains and rice grains with a length of more than 1/3 of the whole rice length. The rice bran content less than 1/3 of the whole rice length should not exceed 0.5%.


1) Firstly, the equipment structure is compact, easy operation, good for increase oil and save rice;

2) Secondly, to improve the economic benefits of rice bran leaching oil plants;

3) Next, To ensure the normal operation of the equipment;

4) Then, to reduce the consumption of residual oil and solvent in meal, and improce the oil yield;

5) Finally, the rice bran and tips separation sieve has the wide application and low power consumption. It is not only for the separation of rice bran, but also for the separation of the side stream and the finishing of the finished product in rice mill by providing different sieve holes and cleaning routes. The power of a single unit is 0.75-1.1kw.



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