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Rice Bran Oil Softening and Condition Section

rice bran oil Softening and Conditioner

Rice Bran Oil Softening and Condition Section

Product Introduction:

Rice bran oil softening and conditioner is to soft the rice bran (drying), improve rice bran plasticity, so that flaking machine rolls out thin and not broken flakes, meet the technical requirements, thereby improve the steaming and cooking, pressing, extract effect.

Productive Capacity: 20-1000 Tons per day

The Softening Conditioner mainly consists of three parts: the modulation main body, the wind network system, and the automatic display and control system. According to the difference in yield and raw material moisture, the softening conditioner are 9-13 layers, and the height of each layer is generally 1m. The hot air layer is equally layered in the quenching and tempering tower. The softening conditioner mainly consists of a feeding section, a steam heating section, a hot air drying section, and a transmission discharging section.

Generally, installing a material equalizer on the feeding section is to facilitate uniform entry of the material into the quenching tower, and a high level gauge can ensure alarm at high level or interlock with the incoming and outgoing transmission mechanisms. Automatically adjusting the feed and discharge speeds is to ensure a certain amount of material; the steam layer generally adopts a stainless steel elliptical tube with a large heat transfer area and good heat transfer, and the upper and lower tubes are at exactly 90 degrees; Using the hot air layer is necessary. The horn box are in the popular mixed-flow soybean drying tower; the transmission discharge section consists of 4-6 sets of transmission sprocket and rotary valve.

Mainly adjusting the rice bran oil softening and conditioner is for the moisture and temperature of the impregnated material to achieve a good leaching effect. The softening conditioner by Henan Huatai Oil Machinery has the advantages of stable performance and controllability. It can provide steam heating and conditioning to rice bran, soybeans or other free-flowing cereal products.

Craft Features:

1) Firstly, it adopts horizontal cylinder structure, small power, low energy consumption, even turning the material in the machine, to overcome the dead angle, good softening effect.

2) Secondly, variable speed selection mechanism, according to the material moisture into the machine is different, different process parameters, effective and easy to adjust.

3) Thirdly, unique condensate discharge device, so the device during use, effective completely exclude condensate. Greatly to improve the efficiency of the steam.



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