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Rice Bran Oil Deacidification Tower

Rice Bran oil Deacidification tower

Rice Bran Oil Deacidification Tower

Product Introduction:

Rice Bran oil deacidification tower is an important Rice Bran Oil Refining Equipment, its main function is to remove free fatty acid in crude oil.

Operating Principle: 

Using alkali like (NaOH) to neutralize FFA in oil, during this process of crude oil refining machine, it will produce soapstock , then separating it from the oil. NAOH solution not only neutralize free fatty acid, but also can act with other substances like protein, mucus, phospholipid, pigment. In the batch type and semi-continuous refinery, separating the nigre by sedimentation method. But in the continuous refinery, we usually use the centrifugal to separate the soapstock.

Product Structure:

The upper layer of rice bran oil deacidification tower is the filler layer, and the lower part is the laminate structure. The tower is the combined soft tower suitable for physical refining; The steam injection adopts the bottom bubbling type or the Montma pump, which makes the direct steam and oil be mixed more evenly, the utilization rate of direct steam be higher, and effectively to reduce the formation of trans-acids in deodorization process.

Craft Features:

1) Firstly, It has very strong deacidification ability;

2) Secondly, Reducing the acid value of oil to a reasonable range in a short time;

3) Thirdly, The work efficiency is high and stable.



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