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Rice Bran Oil Magnetic Separator

rice bran oil magnetic separator

Rice Bran Oil Magnetic Separator

Product Introduction:

Rice Bran Oil Magnetic Separator is designed to remove the impurities in the raw materials, such as stones, plant leafs, straws, dust, iron impurities etc. It is mainly composed of the shell, rotary door, and magnetic core. The magnetic core consists of shunt umbrella hat, magnetic ring and magnetic core cylinder. The materials will fall down from the upper flange mouth, homodisperse fall through a shunt umbrella hat, during this process the mixing iron impurity will be quickly attracted by the magnetic ring, thus separated with the oil material. 

A rice bran oil magnetic separator is a device that uses magnetic nanoparticles to immobilize enzymes for Rice Bran Oil Extraction Process or biodiesel production. It can improve the efficiency and quality of the oil production process.

A Magnetic Separator is a device used to separate magnetic materials from non-magnetic ones. It is commonly used in industries such as mining, recycling, and food processing to remove ferromagnetic materials from a mixture. The device works by generating a magnetic field that attracts magnetic materials while allowing non-magnetic materials to pass through unaffected.

The Cylinder magnetic selector has the advantagesof running without electric power, saving energ, and ease-maintenance.

Craft Features:

1) Firstly, according to the characteristics of the oil, the process design is targeted to clean the oil be more thoroughly and cleanly;

2) Secondly, reducing wear and tear of subsequent equipment and dust in the workshop;

3) Finally, paying more attention to energy conservation and environmental protection, reduce emissions and save costs.



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