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Rice Bran Extruder

rice bran oil extruder machine

Rice Bran Extruder

Product Introduction:

The rice bran extruder is mainly used for Rice Bran Oil Pretreatment Process, also adapts to high oil content materials such as rapeseed, corn germ and making various pre-pressed cake before edible oil solvent extraction plant. The pretreatment section of Rice Bran Oil Production Line especially needs this equipment, which can increase the oil yield, improve the quality of oil products and reduce the consumption of equipment.

Expanded rice bran is pellet shape with a certain porosity and permeability to improve the condition of the solvent greatly. It is easy to obtain mixed rice bran oil, can improve storage performance and has fresh-keeping effect.

Puffed rice generally have two processes: The first, dry puffed rice. From the processing line down the whole bran (moisture about 13%) goes directly to the inner dry extruder, extrusion machine by adjusting the expand state and production. The second, wet expanded rice bran. Rice bran cell wall has been destroyed due to the need to transport equipment and iron removal device, rice bran after cleaning, in addition to iron transported to the wet extruder, rice bran at a high temperature high pressure plate from the release, the state of the original powdered polymeric porous pellets.

Operating Principle:

The mechanical effects of extrusion, rubbing, shearing, pressure and so on in the rice bran oil extruder machine, as well as a series of physical and chemical effects, such as the humid and hot action of injection into the steam, the effect of friction and fever etc., the cell tissue of the oilseed is completely destroyed and the enzymes in the oilseed are passivated. When the oilseed is discharged from the extruder, the condition of the oilseed is changed from high temperature and pressure to atmospheric pressure and temperature in a moment, resulting in the rapid release of water from the material structure, and then the oilseed is expanded and formed, so as to obtain the loose and high strength extruded materials.

Craft Features of Rice Bran Oil Extrusion Machine:

1) The production efficiency can be improved by 30-50%.

2) Improve the quality of the product;

3) Reduce energy consumption;

4) Reduce the residual oil in the meal.

Technical Parameters:

Raw Materials High Oil Content (such as rice bran, cottonseed)
Thickness of flaking (mm) 0.25 ¡« 0.3
Moisture content before Extruding (%) 6 ¡« 8
Moisture content after Extruding (%) ¡« 9
Discharge Temperature (¡æ) 100 ¡« 120
Steam consumption (Kg/t) 15 ¡« 20
Steam Pressure before Extruding (Mpa) 0.6 ¡« 0.8
Model Capacity (T/D) Power (Kw) Boundary Dimension (Length x Width x Height) Weight (Kg) Expansion coefficient (Diameter)
YJPZ 16 60-80 37/55 3400×1216×1238mm 1695 1:1.2¡«1.4
YJPZ 20 80-200 75/90 4085×1216×1238mm 2150 1:1.2¡«1.4
YJPZ 25 200-400 90/110 4850×1267×1633mm 3170 1:1.2¡«1.4
YJPZ 30 400-600 132/160 6210×1267×1633mm 4098 1:1.2¡«1.4
YJPZ 35 600-900 220/250 6115×1600×1942mm 6147 1:1.2¡«1.4



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