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Rice Bran Oil Mill Plant

rice bran oil mill plant

Rice Bran Oil Mill Plant

Before you start to find an area where there is sample rice production and mills for raw materials.I will show you small & medium & large scale rice bran oil mill plant cost, it includes rice bran pre-treatment & extrusion equipment, rice bran oil extraction equipment with solvent and rice bran oil refining equipment.

generallyspeaking, rice bran oil mill plant is very important deep processing project in those of rice milling plant.

Rice bran is by-product after rice milling process, which has not very high oil content of about 16% to 23%. Since the different characteristic of rice bran from those of high oil content oilseeds, rice bran oil solvent extraction is necessary during rice bran oil processing.

Rice bran will pass softening and conditioning, expansion process so as to make rice bran achieve certain moisture and shape for further process.

The processed rice bran is sent to rice bran oil solvent extraction plant, which can make fully immerge with No. 6 solvent, and crude rice bran oil is available after extraction, desolventizing and toasting, high temperature evaporation etc.

The crude rice bran oil becomes edible oil after a series of oil refinery process. The whole rice bran oil processing plant project assures the highest quality edible rice bran oil with the lowest solvent residual, high oil yield, no environmental pollution etc.

All in all, we will send you the complete fetures and specifications of the equipment. Please contact us the price for Rice Bran Oil Processing Equipment


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