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Rice Bran Oil Manufacturing Process

rice bran oil manufacturing process

Rice Bran Oil Manufacturing Process

As a kind of popular cooking oil, we extract rice bran oil from the germ and the inner husk of rice. It is noble for its high smoke point and mild flavor, making it suitable for high-temperature cooking methods such as stir frying and deep frying. What’s more, eating rice bran oil helps lower cholesterol, fight diseases, enhance the immune system, and fight free radicals and more. Rice bran oil manufacturing process mainly includes rice bran oil pretreatment, extraction and refining plant.

rice bran oil manufacturing process

Pretreatment of rice bran oil relies on high quality rice bran oil expellers. After putting the well prepared rice bran into the feeder of the expeller, a screw worm will transport the rice bran advance. As the screw worm moves, the space becomes smaller and smaller, thus squeezing rice bran oil out. Then the fresh rice bran oil seeps out through the small openings in the bottom of the squeezing barrel where the rice bran oil cake cannot pass through, and thus separating rice bran oil from oil cake.

After collecting rice bran oil cake, rice bran oil extraction comes with the help of food grade solvent, usually hexane. Rice Bran Oil Solvent Extraction Plant works on the principle of counter current and moving bed with variable bed height and different speed mechanism to ensure the permit of excellent penetration and percolation of solvent for absolute extraction. Then the distillation begins in the vacuum, and the extracted rice bran oil is collected by vaporizing solvent out for later recovery.

What part of rice is rice bran?

Rice bran is the thin layer of brown rice. It is the most nutritious part of rice, and is high in vitamins and nutrients. Also, Rice bran oil, not fiber, has lowers cholesterol in healthy, moderately hypercholesterolemic individuals. Because there were no substantial differences in the fatty acid composition of the diets, the reduction of cholesterol seen was due to other component present in the rice bran oil. It usually is used in cosmetics because it’s a great moisturizer,and contains natural Vitamin E, flows nicely, as well as provides moderate penetration and leaves no greasiness or stickiness on the skin, also is an excellent carrier oil.

rice bran oil machinerice bran

Then pumping rice bran oil into the Rice Bran Oil Refining Machinery to produce different grades of rice bran oil. The refining process usually includes: filtering, neutralization, degumming, decolorization, deodorization, and dewax, etc. After all these rice bran oil manufacturing process, fresh rice bran oil would be ready.

rice bran oil refining machinery


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