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Rice Bran Oil Filter Equipment

rice bran oil filter machine

Rice Bran Oil Filter Equipment

Product Introduction:

The rice bran oil filter machine mainly used to press crude rice bran oil, fliter bleached oil, also proper to the liquid and solid separation in chemical industry, medicine industry and food industry etc. After pressing, we use the rice bran oil filtering machine to clean the crude oil firstly to remove most of the mechanical impurities before going to the Rice Bran Oil Refining Process. This will lighten the burden during the oil refining process. Also, it is used in the Rice Bran Oil Refining Process to remove impurities. The plate frame filter and automatic vibrating filter are most commonly used machines in this stage.

Operating Principle:

The Plate and Frame Filter press is basic filtering units that consists by filter frame, filter plate and oil pump; filter cloth adopts the gear pump to supply oil. The cloth is fitted between the oil filter plate and oil filter frame, which is formed into single filtration chamber under pressure of the compacting device. The filter cloth or paper compressed tightly between the plate and the frame is used to filter the residue from the oil.

The Automatic vibrating filter (vertical leaf filter) is high-efficient, energy-saving and hermetically operated fine filter equipment. It is widely used in oil processing line, chemical, petroleum, painting, foodstuff, pharmaceutical and many other industries. This oil filtering equipment has many advantages such as unique structure, compact volume, high filter efficiency, fineness of filtered liquor, no material wastage, without consumption of filter paper or filter cloth.

After getting the deodored oil, in order to get the most purified cooking oil, we usually using the safety filter to filter refined oil once again.

Craft Features of Rice Bran Oil Filter Machine:

1) It has low labor strength and oil product is good after filtering;
2) Low residual oil rate in oil meal, discharge oil greaves convenient and rapidly;
3) Be good for environment and high automation level. It is ideal filter equipment of large and medium oil factory.

Technical Parameters:

Model Filtering Area (m²) Maximum Working Pressure (MPa) Impurity Rate in Filtration Oil (%) Filter Diameter (mm)
YMLL12 12 0.45 ≤0.1 900
YMLL20 20 0.45 ≤0.1 1000
YMLL30 30 0.45 ≤0.1 1200
YMLL36 36 0.45 ≤0.1 1300
YMLL50 50 0.45 ≤0.1 1500
YMLL60 60 0.45 ≤0.1 1500



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