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Rice Bran Oil Desolventizer Toaster(DTDC)

Rice Bran Oil Desolventizer Toaster

Rice Bran Oil Desolventizer Toaster(DTDC)

Product Introduction:

Rice bran oil desolventizer toaster(DTDC) is the key equipment that wet meal desolventizing and passivation meal antinutritional factors in the Rice Bran Oil Solvent Extraction Plant. It is also the best equipment for desolventizing the extractive wet meal to realize its desolvation and drying. It can be used to cool the extractive meal with the temperature of 5-10¡æ higher than ambient temperature for direct packaging and storage. Four layers of indirect steam are used for heating in pre-desolvation.

The evaporation layer uses direct steam and the dry layer uses hot-air. Each material layer is provided with the stirring and material level control device to achieve fully pre-desolvation, evaporation and drying effect and reduce the solvent residues effectively. The urease activity of the meal would be reduced to 0.3 mg nitrogen/g/min at around 30¡æ in the condition of maintaining the activity of protein at the most extent.


1) To inactivate and destroy the anti nutrients like urease and trypsin in the meal to improve its utilization value;

2) To control the degree of protein denaturation and effectively improve the NSI index of meal;

3) To improve the color and flavor of the meal;

4) To reduce the residual solvent in the meal and regulate the moisture of the meal, so as to ensure the lowest solvent consumption and the safe use of the meal.

Craft Features of Rice Bran Oil Desolventizer Toaster: 

1) DTDC desolventizer toaster is the main equipment of desolventizing system of leaching plant, capable of removing the solvent in the wet meal, to improve the quality of oil meal and reduce the oil residue in oil meal;

2) DTDC desolventizer toaster integrates desolventizing, drying and cooling. Its operation is simple and product quality is stable;

3) DTDC desolventizer toaster has perfect functions. Pre-desolvation, evaporation, drying and cooling of wet meal can be achieved. The wet meal after desolventizing can be packaged directly;

4) We adopt unique through steam tray design, not only desolventizing effect is good, but also save a large amount of steam directly, reduce the condenser cooling load;

5) Innovation design blanking of desolventizer toaster, adopts the automatic control of blanking value, to ensure the constant level of desolventizer toaster layer and enough time desolventing, separate the steaming layer and lower drying layer, avoid the loss caused by a small amount of solvent gas downward;

6)  Advanced automatic flow controlling gate system, the whole rolling bearing design, flexible operation, long service life, effectively avoids the leakage of solvent;

7) With large transmission torque and load weight;

8) After complete desolventizing of the wet meal, grease activity would be remained at 0.15~0.25, which improves the quality of oil and meal.

Technical Parameters:

Model Capacity (T/D) Heat exchange area (m²) Height (mm) Power (kw) Weight (Mt)
DT140 30 10 6020 15 5
DT160 30¡«50 11 6020 18.5 6.5
DT180 50 11.5 6300 18.5 8
DT200 80 13.2 6300 22 12
DT220 100 15.5 6300 22 14



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