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50T/D Rice Bran Oil Production Line

rice bran oil refinery plant

50T/D Rice Bran Oil Production Line

The specific steps of the 50TPD rice bran oil production line mainly include the following aspects:

1. Pretreatment: The raw material rice bran is first pretreated, including rice bran and tips separation section, to remove impurities such as broken rice and coarse bran shells in the rice bran. Then, rice bran softening and condition section, the rice bran is tempered, and its temperature and moisture are adjusted through a conditioning pot to a state suitable for extrusion. Next,rice bran extrusion section, the function of extrusion is to destroy the cell tissue of rice bran, change the porosity inside the rice bran, and increase the permeability inside the rice bran, thereby improving the extrusion efficiency of the rice bran.

rice bran oil preparation

2. Solvent extraction: The pretreated rice bran enters the rice bran oil solvent extraction plant through the conveying equipment. Using the principle of organic solvent extraction, the solvent is fully contacted with the rice bran cake through spraying, soaking, etc., and the oil in the rice bran is extracted out to obtain miscella.

3. Wet meal desolvation: In the wet meal desolvation system, the principles of evaporation and stripping are used to remove the solvent from the wet meal, recover the solvent, and obtain the desolvated rice bran cake.

4. Miscella treatment: In the miscella treatment system, the difference in boiling points of oil and solvent is used to perform evaporation, stripping and other operations to vaporize the solvent and separate it from the rice bran oil, thereby obtaining crude rice bran oil.

5. Solvent recovery: The solvent recovery system is responsible for recovering the organic solvent used in the rice bran oil solvent extraction plant for recycling, reducing production costs and reducing environmental pollution.

rice bran oil solvent extraction plant

It should be noted that the rice bran oil produced by the rice bran oil solvent extraction method will contain various impurities, such as cake powder, plant fiber, phospholipids, free fatty acids, pigments, moisture, solvents, etc. These impurities will not only affect the quality of the oil, but may also cause the oil to go rancid. Therefore, the extracted crude rice bran oil must be refined and processed through degumming, deacidification, dehydration, decolorization, deodorization, dewaxing and other processes to remove impurities and harmful elements before it can become rice bran oil suitable for consumption.

The process of preparing rice bran oil by solvent extraction has the following advantages:

1. Efficient large-scale production: The rice bran oil solvent extraction machine can process a large amount of rice bran raw materials, form large-scale production, avoid rancidity of rice bran during long-term storage, thereby improving the production efficiency of rice bran oil plant.

2. Improve oil yield and quality: The he rice bran oil solvent extraction method can ensure that the residual oil rate in rice bran remains within a very low range and increase the oil yield. At the same time, although the rice bran oil obtained by solvent extraction is relatively dark in color and has a relatively high acid value and wax content, its vitamin E and oryzanol content is relatively high, and its eating value can meet the needs of the public.

3. Improve the extraction characteristics of materials: The solvent extraction ability of puffed rice bran is about 20% higher than that of direct solvent extraction of rice bran. It can improve the extraction characteristics of materials, increase the penetration rate of solvent into materials, save energy, reduce the dissolved content of wet meal, and increase the concentration of micella.

rice bran oil refinery plant

4. Improve the degree of automation: The rice bran oil solvent extraction machine has a high degree of automation, which reduces labor intensity and improves production efficiency.

5. Cake quality improvement: After solvent extracting rice bran oil, the protein and other substances in the cake are better retained, which is very convenient whether it is used to extract protein or as a raw material for food processing.



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