At present, the most widely used in China is the loop extractor. The material first enters the storage box on the upper part of the loop extractor, and slowly advances to the spray extraction section (straight section) under the push of the scraper chain frame. At the same time, after multiple sprays, it enters the lower layer through the curved section to continue leaching. In the oil extraction stage, then spray with fresh solvent, and the wet meal will continue to advance through the draining section and drain naturally, and finally discharged from the discharge port (lower layer). The characteristic of the loop extractor is that the material can be turned when entering the lower layer from the curved section, which makes the material extracted more uniform and thorough, the material layer is shallow, the wet meal content is less, and the residual oil is easily reduced to less than 1%.

Brief introduction of loop extractor function:

1. The loop extractor also uses stainless steel grids, and the extractor itself has a pre-soaking section, a main soaking section and a draining section. And during the oil extraction process, the oil can be turned to increase the uniformity of leaching.
2. The spray method of this grid ensures a good leaching effect.
3. The special unloading system can adjust the speed at will, and evenly feed the wet meal falling from the extractor to the wet meal scraper, alleviate the impact of the wet material on the wet meal scraper, and ensure that the steaming and unloading The stability of the dissolving time solves a series of problems such as emptying of the wet material, and the mixed gas of the steam and off-machine is poured into the extractor from the wet meal scraper.
4. The advantages of loop extractor, large tonnage, uniform material layer, high utilization rate of mixed oil, high concentration gradient, fast spray penetration, fast draining, and low wet meal content.

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