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Rice Bran Oil Loop Extractor

Loop Extractor of Rice Bran OilLoop Extractor of Rice Bran Oil


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Rice Bran Oil Loop Extractor

Product Introduction:

Loop type extractor has better extraction effect. There is a bending section in Rice Bran Oil Loop Extractor, where the materials could be flipped and drained, so its extraction time is the shortest of the three. Its bed of materials is thin and adapts to different materials.

The loop extractor is suitable for large Oil Extraction Plant. It is characterized in that the material can be turned from the curved section into the lower layer, so that the extraction of the material is more uniform and thorough, the material layer is shallow, the wet meal contains less solvent, and the residual oil can be less than 1%.

This extractor occupies little space but has lots of wearing parts, demands high precision manufacturing and also requires high strength chain, which causes a higher cost. It is easy to transport and install. Feeding and discharging equably and there is no bridging happens.

Craft Features:

1) Loop type extractor takes chain gearing with the low speed, stable running and low noise. The feeding system can automatically adjust the running speed of main motor according to different material, makes the storage tank keeps certain volume of material stablely, which helps producing negative pressure in the extractor so as to prevent leakage of solvent;

2) The advanced miscella circulation helps to reduce the usage amount of solvent, decrease the residual oil content in meal, and improve the concentration of miscella, and lower the evaporating amount to achieve the purpose of energy saving;

3) The designed material layers are in the lower of the rice bran oil loop extractor, are the main parts of percolation leaching. There is a rotation of material at bending sections, which helps to reduce leaching blind angle, but that makes meal power contains in miscella much higher, need take some effective action before get into evaporating system.

Technical Parameters:

Model Capacity (T/D) Power (kw) Main Applications Remarks
YHJ100 80~120 4 Various oil extraction Particularly suitable for oils with good permeability such as soybean
YHJ150 140~160 5.5
YHJ200 180~220 7.5
YHJ300 280~320 11
YHJ400 380~420 15
YHJ500 480~520 15