The rice bran oil refinery line plays a crucial role in the production of rice bran oil. It has several functions:

Deacidification: This process helps to remove fatty acids, which can negatively affect the taste and stability of the final product.
Deodorization: This step removes any unpleasant odors from the oil, improving its sensory qualities.
Decolorization: This process helps to improve the appearance of the oil by removing any unwanted color.
Refining Efficiency: The refinery line uses innovative continuous deacidification and deodorization processes, which help improve the overall refining efficiency.
Quality and Safety: The refinery line ensures the quality and food safety of rice bran oil.
Storage Time: The processes involved in the refinery line also help to prolong the storage time of the rice bran oil.
In summary, the rice bran oil refinery line is essential for producing high-quality, safe, and stable rice bran oil.