The oil yield in the rice bran oil production process can be affected by several factors:

1. Rice Bran Oil Content: The amount of oil present in the rice bran can influence the yield.

2. Processing Method: The method used to process the rice bran can also affect the oil yield.

3. Extraction Conditions: The type of solvent used, extraction time, and the ratio of bran can significantly impact the yield of rice bran oil. For instance, a study found that solvents with low polarity resulted in higher yields, with ethanol yielding 16.16% and methanol yielding 15.38%.

4. Rice Bran Variety: Different varieties of rice bran (such as Bario, lowland, and upland rice) may have different oil yields.

5. Extraction Temperature and Oscillation Speed: These factors can influence the extraction effect and thus the oil yield.

6. Processing Technology: The technology used in the rice bran oil processing machine can also influence the yield.