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Things Your Should Know Before Buy Rice Bran Oil Machines

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Things Your Should Know Before Buy Rice Bran Oil Machines

Considering the special property of rice bran as the raw materials for oil extraction, there are some of the characteristics of rice bran oil extraction, which should be taken into consideration when set up rice bran oil extraction plant.

1. Rice bran contains more starch, so it is easy to powder, then cause gelatinization and blocking during the oil squeezing process.

2. The lipolytic enzyme of rice bran is active and easy to be rancid, so it is not suitable to be stored for a long time. Therefore, rice bran oil production requires the processing of new bran or the killing of lipolytic enzyme before oil extraction (such as puffing, dry or wet heat drying, radiation deactivation and other methods), and then the rice bran can used for oil processing.

3. Rice bran powder degree is large, the capacity is small, the rice bran molding for oil extraction can improve the permeability.

4. Rice bran and rice bran oil have complex components and high viscosity, so comprehensive utilization should be considered in refining. In the rice bran oil refining process, comprehensive utilization is carried out to extract other useful substances, such as oryvins, calcium phytate, inositol, wax fat, etc.

5. The refining process of rice bran oil must be designed with dewaxing process.



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