As a kind of new oil materials, people pay attention to the rice bran now. Because the storage of rice bran will influence the quality and oil yield of rice bran oil, the storage of rice bran becomes one of the most important problems in the whole rice bran oil machine.

The rice bran is the part between rice and the shell. It’s about 7-9% of the whole rice. The rice bran contains six kinds of nutrient element. With the high nutritive value of rice bran oil, it has become a popular oil in developed counties, such as America, Korea, Japan, etc.

The fresh rice bran can storage less than one week, because of the much enzymes in it. The fat in the rice bran is be decomposed into free fatty acid and water by the various enzymes. If the rice bran is stored without process, the acid value, oil content and color of the rice bran oil will be changed. This will effect on the quality and oil yield rate.

The storage conditions of rice bran:

1. In Spring and Autumn, the rice bran can store about 7-9 days. In Summer, the rice bran can be kept for less than 5 days. In Winter, the time is less than 15 days.

2. The warehouse of rice bran must dry, cool and ventilate.

3. If you need keep it for a long time, you can process the rice bran by puffing machine first. After puffing, the rice bran can be kept for about 2 months.

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