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Rice Bran Oil Production Process

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Rice Bran Oil Production Process

The production process of edible oils includes oil pretreatment, pressing method for oil production, extraction method for oil production and other production processes. The following is a brief introduction to the production process of edible oils how to extract oil from rice bran?

Rice bran oil machine edible oil pretreatment process: cleaning (screening, winnowing, magnetic separation, specific gravity stone removal, washing, etc.) → tempering (adjustment of moisture and temperature) → peeling and peeling → tempering/softening (adjustment of moisture and temperature) → Embryo (rolling embryo, puffing, granulating, molding) → tempering/steaming (adjustment of moisture and temperature) pretreatment is the general term for a series of processes that are processed before the oil enters the oil press (or extractor).

Manufacturing rice bran oil extraction process the role of pretreatment is that the oil undergoes a series of technological processes to produce raw materials that meet the requirements of the oil production process (oil production by pressing method, oil production by leaching method).

Pressing process: hydraulic press, screw oil press; cold pressing, hot pressing; primary pressing, secondary pressing, pre-pressing. Squeezing is the use of mechanical external force to squeeze the grease out of the oil. Squeezing generally belongs to physical changes, such as material deformation, grease separation, friction heating, water evaporation, etc.; but at the same time, due to the influence of temperature, moisture, microorganisms, etc., certain biochemical changes, such as protein denaturation, enzymes, etc. Destruction and suppression, etc.

Rice bran oil machine price extraction process: primary extraction, secondary extraction, pre-expression extraction. Extraction is the use of solvents that dissolve with grease to extract the grease in the oil.



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