Rice bran oil plant acid of oil equipment manufacturer defeats a principle to explain

No matter how technological equipment is advanced,cannot prevent edible oleic acid to defeat a phenomenon, so what is plant oleic acid defeats a principle? How can avoid or postpone its process, plants of these equipment of oil of problem China peaceful can undertake explaining in the article below, if you have need,this equipment welcome contacts us, wish new old client christmas is happy ahead of schedule.

Grease acid is defeated is price of grease and air contact or the acid value that fall in enzymatic chemical reaction and cause, carbonyl exorbitant, odour of colour and lustre produces a kind of phenomenon of change, the grease that acid defeats is cannot of edible, because content of its carcinogenic substance will be very high. Want to reduce acid to beat occurence rate and time, from equipment we can choose fine to reduce acid to defeat material, save on use sealed can container of airy of very good isolation will have memory.

Above defeats a principle to explain for oil equipment acid namely, manage whole set of professional grease machinery produces a businessman originally, oil tastes the one level that gives through perfecting technological process to be able to be machined to produce acid not easily to be defeated, edible person once discover oil is tasted, the problem wants to stop boil to use instantly, fried dish, machines of all sorts of oil plants treatment produce major of Henan China peaceful business, invite sincerely a client to inspect machine and treatment oil to taste.

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