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Refining of Rice Bran Oil

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Refining of Rice Bran Oil

Rice bran oil is normally refined by physical method to keep the Oryzanol in the refined oil. In chemical process Oryzanol get destroyed by alkali.

For the physical refining of Rice bran oil following processing steps takes place.

Degumming of Rice Bran Oil
a. Degumming eliminates phospholipids so as to enhance its physical stability. The process is necessary also to facilitate further steps in refining.
b. Phospholipids can treat dark coloured oil and they can also serve as precursors of oil off -flavor. Free fatty acids, pigments and other impurities are also partially removed by degumming.
c. The impurities have to be removed in the early refining stage for two main reasons
e. As these cause high refining losses because of their emulsifying properties
f. They decompose, and darken the oil because of their thermal instability.

Pre Bleaching Of Rice Bran Oil
“Bleaching” is a process of selective removal of pigments and impurities by the physical and chemical interaction of an adsorbent with an oil or fat to improve its quality.
This process refers to the art of removing
a. Colour pigments
b. Dirt, Trace metals
c. Removal of polycyclic Aromatic compounds
d. Phospholipids

Huatai Oil Machinery’s Bleaching Advantage
1) Huatai Oil Machinery’s customized design of bleacher eliminates mechanical agitation. Thus, bleaching is achieved optimally in terms of moisture content leading to best results.
2) Saves power consumption for the system.
3) Low bleaching earth consumption.

Dewaxing of Rice Bran Oil
Dewaxing of oil is a process of eliminating higher melting point constituents like waxes or triglycerides from oil by gradually cooling vegetable oils and separating saturated glycerides from the oil.

Normally Dewaxing process carried out at higher temperature (18-20 °C) to avoid the crystallization of saturated triglycerides & amalgamation of waxes & saturated triglycerides.

Huatai Oil Machinery’s Dewaxing Advantage
1) Crystallizer and cooling system are designed so efficiently which allows the nucleation even in high temperature.
2) Once the nuclei forms in higher temperature the crystal size became large below equilibrium temperature.
3) Specially designed Agitators and speed does not allow mechanical disturbance during the crystallization process.

Waxes & Saturated triglycerides which are fairly visible at low temperature are removed in this process to keep the appearance oil clean transform Degummed, Bleached & Dewaxed oil is cooled and filtered to achieve the quality.

Post Bleaching of Rice Bran Oil
Post Bleaching process is required for the oil color and phospholipids which were not removed completely in earlier processes.

This process refers to the art of removing
a. Color pigments
b. Dirt, Trace metals
c. Removal of polycyclic Aromatic compounds
d. Phospholipids

Deodorization of Rice Bran Oil
Deodorization achieves vacuum stripping by passing a specific amount of a stripping agent (usually steam) for a specific time through hot oil at low pressure. This is mainly a physical process that removes various volatile components.

Process Steps of Deodorization
Deodorization is a multi-step process comprising

a. De-aeration
b. Heating
c. Deodorization cum De-acidification
d. Cooling of the oil

Huatai Oil Machinery’s Advantage
Huatai Oil Machinery is one of the top Rice Bran Oil Refinery suppliers in China and abroad. Huatai Rice Bran Oil Extraction Machinery in China and abroad offers the following advantages:

1) Most efficiently designed oil to oil heat exchanger fitted in the tray of Deodorizer ensures minimum heat energy requirement.
2) Elaborate and efficient design of fatty acid scrubbing recovery system ensures virtually no carry over fatty acid into barometric condenser.
3) Most efficiently designed heating coil which prevents to charring of oil during the process.



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