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Detailed Rice Bran Oil Refinery Equipment in Thunderstorm Conditions

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Detailed Rice Bran Oil Refinery Equipment in Thunderstorm Conditions

Refined oil is a kind of edible oil, which accounts for a large proportion of the total edible oil in China. Rice Bran oil refined oil equipment is the main oil equipment used to produce extracted oil. When edible oil refining equipment is used to produce refined oil in the thunderstorm weather, to be sure to pay attention to safety issues. The following Henan Huatai Oil Machinery introduces the precautions of cooking oil equipment in thunderstorm weather.

Rice bran oil refining equipment requires strict maintenance during work to prevent problems, especially during the thunderstorm seasons. Because edible oil refining machinery is made of steel structural materials, all are conductive materials, so the major manufacturers should take lightning protection measures.

In the work of cooking oil equipment, in case of thunderstorms, the operation of the instrument on the operating table should be monitored at all times to prevent the damage of the oil equipment’s motor by lightning. If the thunderstorm is heavy, you can take a stop and wait to avoid major personal accidents. In the past experience, edible oil equipment manufacturers generally install lightning rods at the highest point in a production area, but it does not rule out the occurrence of lightning strikes. So advise manufacturers to take personal safety as this.

I believe that through the detailed introduction of Henan Huatai Oil Machinery, everyone will have a better understanding of the safety measures that refining oil equipment needs to take during thunderstorms. Safety must be the first priority so that the production of cooking oil equipment can be performed on the premise of safety.

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