Since the advent of edible oil refining equipment, the quality of edible oil has been greatly improved. It is not only for longer storage time, but also for better taste and color. The edible oil refining equipment determines the quality of the edible oil, but if it takes a long time to use, some oil stains will remain in some corners of the edible oil refining equipment. The deterioration of the oil stains over time will have a great influence on the quality of the refined oil. Therefore, oil manufacturers need to clean and maintain the edible oil refining equipment, and upgrade the function of the edible oil machine to produce sufficient high-quality edible oil.

Edible oil refining equipment will have different service life and performance due to different cleaning and maintenance period. Therefore, cleaning and maintenance of edible oil refining equipment is very important, especially the cleaning period and method.

1. After using the oil refining equipment for a period of time, the residual oil and fat will cause rust and blockage to the machine, and it is not conducive to the health of the oil. The inside of the oil equipment needs to be cleaned every time after processing of the oil.

2. When cleaning the edible oil refining equipment, we need to choose the appropriate method, generally use water or the corresponding cleanser. The oil equipment should regularly check for wearable parts. If it cannot be used normally, it should be replaced in time. If there is a problem with the circuit, it is necessary to remove hidden dangers.

3. If there is a fault in the operation of the edible oil refining equipment, we should stop it first, then perform fault inspection and repair. If the fault cannot be solved, please ask the professional to repair it.

4. Check and maintain the pressure gauge, thermometer and other instruments to ensure safety and trouble-free. Do not use tools such as sharp or hard objects to beat the equipment during the inspection and maintenance of edible oil refining equipment.

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