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Cleaning and Maintenance of Rice Bran Oil Extraction Machine

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Cleaning and Maintenance of Rice Bran Oil Extraction Machine

The maintenance of extraction equipment is very important. The normal operation of rice bran oil extraction machine mainly depends on the integrity of equipment components. Equipment loss will affect the extraction efficiency, the quality of extracted oil and the service life of the equipment. In daily work, it is necessary to do a good job of cleaning and maintenance of the equipment to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

The following matters should be noted when maintaining rice bran oil extraction machine:

1. The use of rice bran oil extraction machine should be operated in accordance with the processing range specified in the equipment manual. It is not allowed to use the equipment beyond the specification, overweight, overload or overpressure.

2. Lubricate well. The lubricating oil composition, wiping materials and cleaning agents used in rice bran oil extraction machine should be used in accordance with the provisions of the manual and shall not be substituted at will. The lubricating oil of the extraction equipment needs to be tested and added to the oil tank only after it is qualified. Pay attention to filtering before injection. Lubrication of extraction equipment is an important part of on-site use and maintenance of machinery and equipment.

Correct and reasonable lubrication of equipment can reduce friction and wear of equipment parts, extend the service life of rice bran oil extraction machine, give full play to the efficiency of equipment, reduce functional loss, and prevent equipment from rusting and heat deformation. On the contrary, ignoring the lubrication of the equipment and improper lubrication of the equipment will inevitably accelerate the wear of the equipment, causing frequent equipment failures and accidents, accelerating the deterioration of the technical status of the equipment, and affecting the product quality and output. Therefore, attention should be paid to the lubrication of the equipment.

3. Some precision or parts in the rice bran oil extraction machine need to be protected. If it is stopped for a long time, it should be wiped, lubricated and run dry regularly.

4. The accessories and tools of the rice bran oil extraction machine should be placed on the shelf and kept clean to prevent rust and bruises.

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