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Choosing a Rice Bran Oil Extraction Machine Manufacturer can be Considered from These Aspects

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Choosing a Rice Bran Oil Extraction Machine Manufacturer can be Considered from These Aspects

Rice bran oil extraction machine belongs to large-scale oil machinery equipment. During production, the oil extraction equipment needs to use solvents to fully contact the pretreated rice bran to extract the oil in the cake, and then the obtained mixed oil is stripped to separate the solvent for recycling. The entire extraction process is very important. Therefore, when purchasing rice bran oil extraction machine, it is very important to choose an extraction equipment manufacturer with reliable quality.

How to choose a suitable rice bran oil extraction machine manufacturer? We can consider it from the following two aspects.

1. Manufacturer strength

Strong manufacturers have mature extraction equipment design and manufacturing experience, standardized production workshops, and the quality of rice bran oil equipment produced by such a process is stable and guaranteed, the equipment is stable, the production efficiency is high, and the quality of rice bran oil produced is also relatively good. The strength of the extraction equipment manufacturer is generally reflected in the following two aspects:

1) Scale: Generally speaking, the scale of strong manufacturers will be relatively large, and they will have standard production workshops and factory buildings. Large manufacturers produce a relatively complete range of oil and fat equipment.

2) Development history: A long development history proves that the quality of the products produced by the manufacturer is good enough.

2. Service level

The service level of the manufacturer is very important for the oil plant. The production, installation, operation, process selection, etc. of the equipment require the cooperation of the factory. When choosing a factory, the service level of the factory is also a condition to be considered when choosing a leaching equipment manufacturer.

1) Pre-sales service: It is aimed at the actual production situation of the user. In the early stage, the factory will provide customers with factory construction plans and equipment purchase plans based on the user’s site location and surrounding environment for customers to choose.

2) In-sales service: The manufacturer can provide equipment from design, production, installation, commissioning, on-site training and other work to ensure that the equipment can be better used by customers and provide strong technical support for the equipment to give full play to its greater production and manufacturing potential.

3) After-sales service: In order to ensure that the equipment can give full play to more advantages, large manufacturers will be responsible for a series of services such as subsequent maintenance, maintenance, and upgrades of the equipment to ensure the service life of the equipment.

When choosing a extraction equipment manufacturer, you can consider the above two aspects. After choosing a suitable manufacturer, you should go to the site to inspect and see the workshop production site to understand the actual situation of the factory. If conditions permit, you can go to the manufacturer’s cooperation cases to see the status of the equipment during production, the quality of the oil produced, and understand the after-sales service of the equipment manufacturer. Do more research, more comparisons, and then choose the manufacturer that suits you to cooperate with.




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