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Why rice bran oil refinery is necessary?

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Why rice bran oil refinery is necessary?

Refining of rice bran oil is necessary to remove unwanted ingredients that affect the quality, flavor, and stability of the oil. Here are the reasons why it’s necessary:

Removal of Free Fatty Acids (FFA): Rice bran oil contains a high amount of FFA due to the lipase enzyme in the rice bran1. These FFAs need to be removed to prevent a faster rate of oil degradation.

Elimination of Impurities: The crude rice bran oil contains impurities, waxes, and gums1. These need to be removed to improve the oil’s appearance and taste.

Deodorization: The refining process also includes deodorization to remove any unpleasant odors from the oil.

Preservation of Nutrients: The physical refining process is used for rice bran oil because it helps retain oryzanol, a nutrient that supports heart health.

Improvement of Stability for High-Temperature Cooking: Refined rice bran oil is suitable for high-temperature cooking methods such as stir frying and deep frying.

The rice bran oil refining process typically involves stages like degumming, water washing, vacuum drying, bleaching, de-waxing, and deodorization with deacidification.



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