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What Should Pay Attention to When Using Oil Presses in Winter ?

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What Should Pay Attention to When Using Oil Presses in Winter ?

Winter is coming soon, and some oil mills also take advantage of this season to purchase and store oil at a lower price than usual, and to squeeze and refine oil during the season when the demand for edible oil is strong. Oil pressing is one of the hottest businesses in winter, and also one of the most popular businesses.

You need to pay special attention to the operation method of the oil press in winter. The low temperature will cause great inconvenience to the oil press. Mastering the operation method of the oil press at low temperature is of great benefit to the smooth oil extraction. Mastering certain skills, to achieve normal results.

The winter in the north is especially cold. The indoor temperature of rice bran oil extraction work should be kept at 15¡æ – 20¡æ, and the indoor temperature of the oil mill for storing oil should also be around 15¡æ. The moisture content of the stored oil should also be checked. The most suitable moisture content is as follows: peanut 8%~ 11%, soybean 5%~8 %, cottonseed 4 %~ 6 %,rapeseed 6 %~ 8 %.

Avoid agglomeration or even freezing of the oil at low temperature, which will reduce the quality of the oil and affect the effect and production capacity of frying and pressing. Turn on the preheating switch of Dr. Oil press before work, and then put it into production. In addition, when pressing oil in winter, do not feed too fast, otherwise the increase in the pressure of the extrusion chamber will cause serious accidents such as twisting of the extrusion screw cage, removal of blockages, and breakage.

There are various attention issues in oil extraction in different seasons, and high-quality oil can be squeezed out smoothly without being affected by seasons. Finally, I wish all the owners of the oil workshops a wealth of money this winter.



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