The production process of rice bran oil involves several stages:

Husk Removal: The husk of the rice grain is removed, resulting in a brown rice grain.
Bran and Germ Removal: The brown bran layer and rice germ are then removed, leaving behind a white rice grain.
Oil Extraction: Rice Bran Oil is first extracted from the bran and germ.
Oil Refining: The oil is then refined.
Separation: The refined oil is separated into a clear liquid and hard fraction.
In a more detailed process, the stages include transportation of the raw rice bran to the factory, crude oil extraction, oil refining, and oil storage. The environmental impact of each stage has been studied, with the oil refining stage having the greatest environmental impact, followed by the oil extraction stage. High demands for coal and electricity make a critical difference in generating the majority of environmental impacts. Modifying the electricity source and replacing traditional fuels with cleaner ones can bring benefits to the sustainable development of the industry.