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What is Right to Choose Best Rice Bran Oil Machine?

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What is Right to Choose Best Rice Bran Oil Machine?

Henan Huatai Cereals and Oils Machinery Co., Ltd is actually a special manufacturer of all kinds regarding edible oil machines. Like rice bran coconut oil extraction producing machine, rice bran crude oil refining, rice bran oil press and so on. For that processes of rice bran oil making, there are some steps.

1.Separating bran from great broken rice section

The particular section is mainly used to get rid of broken rice and unsavory bran shell as well as other pollutants, and it can reduce equipment disappointment, ensure normal operation, reduce residual vegetable oil extraction yield and also solvent consumption. The testing method and wind separating method are usually used in the particular section.

2 . Rice bran softening and conditioning segment

Before entering the rice bran expander, rice bran is heated up in advance, temperature of rice bran before expansion will be increased, and expansion top quality of rice bran has been enhanced. Softening pot is mainly accustomed to soften rice bran, increase its plasticity so as to boost extraction efficiency.

3. Rice bran expanding section

Typically the section is a process just before oil extraction, expanded almong rice bran can improve removal efficiency, lower solvent along with steam consumption, and boost oil yield and good quality of crude rice bran oil extraction. Major machine is rice bran expander.

4. Rice bran drying section

Using platter dryer to adjust the humidity and temperature to suit regarding rice bran oil extraction plant.

5. Extraction part

Oil extraction is an innovative rice bran oil extraction production process, today widely applied to oil plant, and it’s an organic solvent extraction method, oil is usually extracted from rice bran by contact(soaking or spraying) of solvent and rice  bran.

So if you want to get good quality rice bran oil, typically the manufacting process is essential.



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