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What is rice bran oil processing steps in plant?

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What is rice bran oil processing steps in plant?

Rice bran oil is a type of oil extracted from the outer layer of rice, which has many health benefits and a high smoke point. The processing steps of rice bran oil in a plant are as follows:


  1. Rice Bran Cleaning: The rice bran is screened to remove impurities and dust.
  2. Rice Bran and Broken Rice Separation: The rice bran is separated from broken rice and whole rice by a separator machine.
  3. Rice Bran Conditioning: The rice bran is heated and moistened to improve its oil extraction efficiency.
  4. Rice Bran Expanding: The rice bran is puffed or extruded by a machine to increase its surface area and porosity.
  5. Drying and Cooling: The expanded rice bran is dried and cooled to reduce its moisture content and prevent spoilage.
  6. Solvent Extraction: The dried rice bran is soaked in a solvent (usually hexane) to dissolve the oil, leaving behind a defatted rice bran meal.
  7. Refining: The crude rice bran oil is refined by degumming, water washing, vacuum drying, bleaching, de-waxing, and deodorizing to remove impurities, color, wax, and odor.
  8. Storage: The refined rice bran oil is stored in tanks or bottles for further use or sale.

You can find more information about the rice bran oil extraction process, flow chart, and machinery in the following links.





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