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What are the steps involved in the rice bran oil plant?

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What are the steps involved in the rice bran oil plant?

The steps involved in the rice bran oil plant are as follows:

1. Rice Bran Cleaning: The rice bran is cleaned to remove impurities and iron particles that can damage the expander and affect the expansion effect

2. Rice Bran and Broken Rice Separation: The rice bran is separated from the broken rice and whole rice using a separator. This can improve the extraction efficiency, reduce the residual oil rate and the solvent consumption, and increase the oil yield. The broken rice can be used for other purposes

3. Rice Bran Conditioning: The rice bran is conditioned to adjust the moisture content and preheat the material. This can enhance the expansion effect and increase the capacity of the expander

4. Rice Bran Expanding: The rice bran is expanded using an expander to make the rice bran into porous expanded pellets. This can improve the solvent permeability and the quality of the extracted oil

5. Rice Bran Drying and Cooling: The expanded rice bran is dried and cooled to reduce the moisture content and the temperature. This can prevent the rancidity of the oil and prepare the material for the solvent extraction

6. Rice Bran Solvent Extraction: The rice bran is extracted with hexane or other solvents in an extractor to obtain the crude rice bran oil and the wet meal. The crude oil is evaporated and stripped to remove the solvent. The wet meal is desolventized and dried to obtain the defatted rice bran

7. Rice Bran Oil Refining: The crude rice bran oil is refined through degumming, deacidification, decolorization, deodorization, and dewaxing processes to obtain the refined rice bran oil. The refined oil has a light color, a mild flavor, and a high smoke point. It also contains a high amount of γ-oryzanol, a powerful antioxidant



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