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What Are The Solvent Requirements for Rice Bran Oil Extraction Machinery?

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What Are The Solvent Requirements for Rice Bran Oil Extraction Machinery?

For the extraction process of rice bran oil extraction equipment, the choice of solvent is very important. Generally speaking, there are two main requirements for the solvent. One is to obtain the highest rice bran oil yield during the oil extraction process, and the other is to obtain high quality oil and finished meal after rice bran extraction. In addition, it is also required to avoid the harmful effect of solvent on the human body as much as possible, and so as to ensure the safety of the production process.

1. Good solubility for oil
The solvent should be capable of dissolving the oil sufficiently and rapidly and in any proportion; Not dissolved or seldom the fat-soluble substance in the oil, and not dissolved other non-oil components in the oil.

2. Stable chemical properties
The higher the chemical purity of the solvent, the better. During the storage and transportation of the solvent, during the heating or condensation in the various processes of rice bran oil extraction production, no chemical changes such as decomposition, polymerization, etc., which cause changes in the chemical composition and properties of the solvent, and no chemical reactions will occur with any components in the rice bran oil.

3. Easy to separate from rice bran oil and meal
The solvent can be sufficiently volatilized from rice bran oil or meal at lower temperatures. It should have stable and suitable boiling point, low heat capacity, small latent heat of evaporation, easy recovery, and is immiscible with water and does not form an azeotrope with water.

4. Good safety performance
Whether it is a solvent liquid, a solvent gas or a mixture of solvent vapor and water vapor, it should be harmless to the health of the operator.

5. Conducive to environmental protection
Solvents are industrial products of modern technology, and many solvents have adverse or even irreversible effects on the environment or the atmosphere.

6. Wide range of solvents
The supply of rice bran oil extraction solvent should be able to meet the needs of large-scale industrial production. The price of solvent is low and the source is sufficient. In particular, attention should be paid to the problem of resource utilization on the earth, and resources should not be competed with for the survival.

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