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Treatment of Meal after Oil Solvent Extraction

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Treatment of Meal after Oil Solvent Extraction

After the wet meal is desolventized, its temperature and moisture need to be adjusted, and sometimes it needs to be sieved and crushed.

With the development of the feed industry and breeding industry, the demand for meal has increased, and there are more and more varieties of meal suitable for different purposes, and the post-processing of meal has also received attention. Some models of wet meal steaming and de-scaling machine do not have the function of drying and cooling the de-melting meal. Small-scale rice bran oil extraction plants usually use natural drying and cooling methods for desolventized meal, that is, natural drying and cooling of the meal during the transportation of the finished meal. During the conveying process, the material is constantly turned, and the moisture adsorbed on the surface of the meal particles is quickly vaporized by the high temperature of the meal, so that the moisture content of the meal is reduced, and at the same time, the temperature of the meal is reduced due to the heat absorption due to the vaporization. As long as the length of the conveying equipment is appropriate, the temperature and moisture of the finished meal can be reduced to the standard.

Secondly, when the finished meal is stored, due to the small storage capacity, proper ventilation and other measures can also be used to reduce the temperature and moisture of the meal. However, in the case of large production volume and no drying and cooling function of the desolventizing equipment, special meal drying and cooling equipment is required.

In production, fluidized bed drying cooler and drying conveyor can also be used to dry and cool the meal. The vibrating fluidized bed dryer has the advantages of large production capacity, high heat utilization rate and good energy saving effect. When the moisture content of the meal is high, the equipment can be dried with hot air in the first half and cooled by cold air in the second half.

With the development of the breeding industry, in addition to the breeding of pigs, chickens and other animals, the number of animals such as cattle, sheep, and dairy cows has also increased year by year. The requirements for feed have increased, the demand for feed varieties has also increased, and the application of meal has become more and more important.



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