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Traditional Rice Bran Oil Press Plant

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Traditional Rice Bran Oil Press Plant

The remaining rice husk is rice bran. It contains 15-22% of the fat, if the oil extraction, can greatly increase the value. Now its methods are as follows:

First, the pretreatment with 25 mesh sieve will be fresh rice bran sieve to the broken rice and impurities. And then placed in the wok sizzling, frying often turn and pay attention to fire, so as not to Chaojiao, affecting the oil. Will be all fried yellow (102-104 ¡æ), the pan down in the grass curtains, cloth, sacks and other insulation materials around the basket, tread, cover insulation. After 2 hours to remove the bran, a thin stall in the ground, and continue to stir, so that uniform heat.

Second, the aging of the ground heat for 10-20 hours (beneficial to increase the oil and reduce the acid value) of rice bran, let it absorb moisture to about 50% of the steam into the heating steamer (the amount of water in the pot depending on the amount of bran , As the steam wine drug that), plus a layer of compaction, to be added after the second layer of SAIC, three, until filled, while the steel wire or bamboo strips bar a few holes, so that the steam distribution uniform and rapid. Finally, cover, until cooked to maturity.

Third, the oil will be ripe rice bran removed, wrapped, pressing into the pressing machine oil. Oil out to light pressure, constant pressure, to maintain the oil, until the pressure is not oil so far.

Fourth, hydration and dehydration. The oil squeeze the bag hanging filter, heated to 50-60 ¡æ. While agitating, the same amount of hot water as the oil temperature is added in an amount of 10 to 15% of the oil amount. And then heated and stirred to 70 °C, remove the static precipitation, remove the lower phospholipids and water. If the oil and water is not easy to separate, add a small amount of salt, to speed up the separation. After the hydration of oil should not be stored for a long time, dehydration should be heated as soon as possible. Heating it to about 120 °C and stirring continuously until the water in the oil completely evaporates (ie, the oil no longer cracked sound). This is the product oil, you can eat.

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