Many users do not know what is oil refining equipment, food court, henan oil refining production line can explain for everybody about contained in the oil refining equipment, and the factors affect the oil quality. Oil press equipment: crusher, oil mill, rolling machine, steam boiler, steam frying pan, oil pump, filter oil machine, elevator equipment and ancillary equipment such as oil cylinder.

Refined oil equipment: Acid-base reaction tank, centrifuge, vacuum deodorization of form a complete set of equipment, decoloring oil tank, pipe, tank, pump etc. Influence on the quality of refined oil, first get to know the production process or pressing or leaching, pressure oil is pure and refined after the look and taste are good, but some glue, such as the wax content, refining degumming, acid, decoloring process is relatively strict, such as additive in the refining process, filter aid and temperature will be the quality of the oil. Oil extraction system has oil yield efficiency, it contains a lot of solvent, but inside the oil glue and wax content is a little bit small.