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The Temperature Control in Rice Bran Oil Refining Equipment

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The Temperature Control in Rice Bran Oil Refining Equipment

The temperature control in rice bran oil refining equipment is especially important for the color and lustre of edible oil. If the temperature in oil refining machine is too high, firstly, it will cause the rice bran oil to return color. Second, it will affect the acidity of the oil. Therefore, the decolorization rate and FFA growth should be weighed in the rice bran oil refining process. The rate is adjusted by the temperature control system to make the crude rice bran oil decolorize under the optimal temperature conditions.

1. Rice Bran oil refining equipment designed by Henan Huatai Oil Machinery adopts heating and temperature control system, which can be adaptively adjusted according to the change of environmental temperature to ensure normal production under all seasons;

2. With the development of the cereals and oils machinery industry, the upgrading of rice bran oil refining technology, the pressing level and refining level of rice bran oil have been increased, ensuring the oil yield and quality of refined rice bran oil products;

3. Henan Huatai rice bran oil refining equipment improves production efficiency, shortens production cycle, and also reduces energy consumption. Multi-stage pressurization and vacuum filtration are adopted to improve rice bran oil press efficiency and quality;

4. All the cereals and oils equipment manufactured by Huatai Oil Machinery are all made of international standard steel and parts, which is compact in the design, durable, easy to install. Its service life is more than three times that of ordinary equipment.

In addition to the temperature affecting the decolorization effect of rice bran oil, the type and characteristics of the adsorbent, and the control of the pressure value used in the rice bran oil refining equipment also directly affects the decolorization effect of the oil. If you want to know more details, welcome to email us to get free quotation:



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