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The Significance of Rice Bran Oil Extraction

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The Significance of Rice Bran Oil Extraction

A. Extraction of rice bran oil
Rice bran oil is called nutrient oil or health oil, this is because the high content of unsaturated fatty acids in rice bran oil, other oils such as soybean oil, cottonseed oil, and rapeseed oil are incomparable. Saturated fatty acids can be eaten through a variety of foods by the human body on its own formed. But unsaturated fatty acids cannot be synthesized by the human body, can only be sucked from the outside taking. Therefore, in Japan and other countries, rice bran oil is quite popular, and at the same time, this is also the main material of rice bran oil as a high-grade oil such as high-grade blending oil and health oil. In addition, rice bran oil also has a good effect on cardiovascular diseases in humans, to promote human health.

B. Get defatted bran
Some people think that the defatted rice bran used as feed reduces nutrition value, this is an extremely wrong view. The experiment of animal breeding by A foreign scientific research department have shown that defatted rice bran is used as feed, its animal weight gain is much faster than fat-containing rice. Rice bran oil is higher nutrition value, but it is easily rancid in rice bran, leading to rice bran nutrition goes down. The rancid fat-containing rice bran is used as a feed, not only nutritional value is low and but also not easily digested and absorbed. Therefore, defatted rice bran is much better than fat-containing rice bran to make a feed. This is the reason why the price of defatted rice bran is much higher in some advanced countries.

C. Extraction of inositol
The defatted rice bran can further extract inositol. Inositol is one of the main drugs for the treatment of cardiovascular disease, It is very popular in some western countries with animals as major foods. For nearly a decade, some manufacturers produce inositol by rice bran, but due to the small scale of production and the backwardness of the processing lead to higher production costs, so the economic benefits are not reasonable. If the scale can be formed, the process can be improved, the production cost can be reduced, and the economic benefits can be better. In addition, rice bran can also extract a variety of products such as vegetarian.

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