In the process of oil processing by cooking oil machinery, sometimes it is necessary to expand the oilseed raw materials. The so-called puffing process is actually a part of the mechanical pretreatment section of oils. Excellent pretreatment is very important for improving the quality of oil processing.

Now, let us introduce the purpose and function of the oil machinery for the expansion process of oilseeds raw materials:

1. The puffing process can change the characteristics of the oil, make the oilseeds raw materials more suitable for the processing of oil machinery, improve the processing efficiency and quality;

2. Good raw material cleaning is needed before the puffing process of the oil machinery, otherwise it will cause damage to the puffing equipment;

3. The puffing process of the oil machinery will also affect the service life of the oil machinery. A good puffing process will make the service life of the oil machinery better.

The above is about the purpose and effect of the oil machinery on puffing process on oilseed raw materials. The excellent puffing process of oil machinery can make the processing quality and efficiency better.

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