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The producing process of rice bran oil plant

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The producing process of rice bran oil plant

The producing process of rice bran oil plant involves three main steps: preparing the raw material, extracting the oil, and refining the oil. Here is a brief overview of each step:

1. Preparing the raw material: Rice bran is the thin layer of brown rice that contains most of the nutrients and oil. Before extracting the oil, the rice bran needs to be screened, heated, and stabilized to prevent enzyme activity and rancidity. Some methods also use rice bran expander to make the rice bran into porous pellets, which improves the solvent permeability and extraction efficiency.

2. Extracting the oil: The oil can be extracted from the rice bran either by using chemical solvents or by using mechanical pressing. The solvent extraction method produces more oil yield and higher quality, but also requires more equipment and cost. The pressing method is simpler and cheaper, but produces less oil and lower quality. The solvent extraction method usually uses hexane as the solvent, which is later recovered by distillation. The pressing method uses a screw expeller to squeeze out the oil from the rice bran.

3. Refining the oil: The crude rice bran oil needs to be refined to remove impurities and improve its quality and stability. The refining process usually includes filtering, neutralizing, degumming, decolorizing, deodorizing, and dewaxing. These steps remove free fatty acids, gums, pigments, odors, and waxes from the oil. The refined rice bran oil is then ready for packaging and consumption.

You can find more details about each step in the web search results I have provided for you. I hope this helps you understand the producing process of rice bran oil plant better.




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