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The Main Structure Design of Rice Bran Leaching Equipment

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The Main Structure Design of Rice Bran Leaching Equipment

Rice bran leaching equipment, many types, and in use, can effectively reduce the residual oil in the meal and solvent consumption, and improve the oil rate. At the same time, rice bran leaching equipment operating efficiency is higher, and promote the entire edible oil industry development, and has been widely used.

Rice bran leaching equipment, the current domestic rice bran leaching oil mill rice bran pretreatment methods are dry, hot and cold steaming method and extrusion method 3 kinds. Drying method mainly with wok, dryer and other heating equipment, the rice bran for heat treatment; hot and steam steaming method is the use of steaming wok and other equipment, direct steaming rice bran, humidification, heating, and then dry; Method is the use of extrusion machine for rice bran puffing treatment, so that rice bran in the high temperature, high pressure and friction under the effect of the purpose of passivation of lipase.

The three methods, without exception, require the heating of the rice bran, and the wet steaming method and the wet extrusion method require direct steam and pressurization. If the rice bran heat treatment is not pre-bran separation, the broken rice contains more starch in the case of hot gelatinization can not fully destroy the cell structure, dry material structure after the loose, leaching material powder large, thus affecting the material in the leaching Solvent penetration and drainage effect, increase the residual meal residue rate.

Rice bran leaching equipment in the rice bran steaming the main structure of the main structure is designed for the three, the first paragraph is pre-off, wet meal in which the indirect steam preheated heating, vaporization of part of the solvent; the second paragraph is the desorption section, in this The third stage is the drying section, the high water content of the solvent after the removal of the solvent is evaporated by the hot air to evaporate the moisture, to achieve the drying of the water, the temperature is increased, the solvent is vaporized, purpose.

After the wet meal from the extractor into the steam off the machine, the broken rice starch in the desorption section inhalation of direct steam and condensate after the water increased, sticky, agglomerate, in the steam off the role of mixing, small meal Slowly rolling, the more sticky the larger, and finally become a large ball dough meal. The brass of the group is hard, and the steam is completely steamed in the desorption section. In the drying section, the residual steam is also baked, and the solvent remains on the residue, so that the residue is high, which greatly increases the solvent consumption.




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