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The Main Structure and Control Points of DC Dryer-cooler

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The Main Structure and Control Points of DC Dryer-cooler

After desolventizing the wet meal and roasting the meal, the temperature of the meal is 102 degrees, and usually the moisture content is more than 17%. It needs to be dried and cooled to a temperature suitable for storage and moisture acceptable to customers. This process is completed after DC (Drying, Cooling) is cooled and dried.

Analysis of the structure of DC drying cooler (Take two-level drying and two-level cooling equipment as examples)

Total 4 layers, divided into 2 different technology layers;

Dry layer 1-2, dry the material by hot air passing through the material layer;

The cooling layer is 3-4 layers, and the material is cooled by normal temperature air passing through the material layer;

Each layer is equipped with a pair of stirring wings. Each layer is controlled by a rotating valve for discharging and sealing.

1. Working process of DC cooling dryer

The drying layer (hot air layer) is a fan that blows hot air into the material layer through the bottom inter-layer to remove the moisture from the meal. The hot air is heated to a certain temperature by a saturated steam heater. While removing the moisture of the meal, the temperature of the meal is also reduced to 50-60 ° C.

The dried meal enters the cooling layer (cold wind layer). In this layer, room temperature air is directly blown into the material layer by the fan without heating, and the temperature of the meal is reduced to a safe storage temperature below 40 ° C.

2. Operation and control requirements of DC cooling dryer

Turn on DC and auxiliary equipment 20minutes before DT discharge and use the hot air heater to slowly warm up. Adjust the hot air temperature when feeding to prevent the unqualified moisture of the starting material.

The drying/cooling rate is controlled by adjusting the air volume, the steam volume of the heater and the feeding speed. Ensure that the surface of the material layer is slightly disturbed, and avoid excessive and small air volume. If the air volume is too large, more meal will blow into the dust collector; if it is too small, the fine material will easily leak into the inter-layer.

The height of each material layer is 10-15%; the hot air temperature of the hot air heater is <130 ¡æ, the temperature of the dry layer is 70-50 ¡æ, the temperature of the cooling layer is 50-40 ¡æ, and the output temperature is <45 ¡æ; Adjust the DC material moisture based on the amount of soybean husk added and the moisture content of the packing material.

The urinary enzyme of the finished meal is controlled below ¡÷ PH0.05-0.20, the flash explosion is qualified, and the residual solvent of the meal is less than 300PPM.

In order to avoid the accumulation of material in the DC interlayers and the condensation of the first to third layers of condensate, the bypass butterfly valve can be properly opened.

When the machine is stopped or the incoming material is unstable, adjust the speed of the discharge rotary valve, hot air / cold air volume and steam of the hot air heater in time to ensure stable material quality and flow.

DC drying and cooling is an important section of the leaching workshop. In recent years, with the development of professional and energy-saving technologies, many energy-saving technologies have been used in this section. We have summarized it here for us learn together.

1) Frequency conversion technology use for DC fan can saving electric energy effectively;

2) Hot water and steam condensate to heat cold air technology heat the hot air heater can effectively saving steam.

3) Thermal energy recovery technology for the exhaust air from the DC drying section.

4) High-voltage and high-efficiency motor application technology can be used for DT and DC main motors, effectively saving energy.

5) The process is reasonably arranged, hot and cold air cyclone can directly enter the discharge curved scraper, which can save 1 set conveying equipment.

6) Auxiliary motor technology is added to the DC main drive device, which can prevent the load start smoothly in the case of abnormal shutdown.

7) DC hot air cyclone adopts hot water heating technology.



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