The oilseeds extruder machine is mainly used for pretreating rice bran in rice bran oil processing plant. This is the last step of pretreatment section in rice bran oil processing plant, which can increase the rice bran oil yield.

The principle of the oilseeds extruder machine:

The cell tissue of the rice bran is completely destroyed and the enzymes in the oilseeds are passivated, through the mechanical and chemical effects of extrusion, rubbing, shearing, pressure, the humid and hot action of injection into the steam, friction and fever, etc.

When the oilseeds is discharged from the extruder, the condition of the oilseed is changed from high temperature and pressure to atmospheric pressure and temperature in a moment, resulting in the rapid release of water from the material structure, and then the oilseed is expanded and formed, so as to obtain loose and high strength extruded materials.

Main features of oilseeds extruder machine:

1. The production efficiency can be improved by 30-50%.

2. Improve the quality of the product;

3. Reduce energy consumption;

4. Reduce the residual oil in the meal.

The oilseeds extruder machine is just a kind of equipment in complete rice bran oil processing plant. Henan Huatai Cereals and Oils Machinery Co., Ltd provide rice bran oil processing plant turn-key service. Welcome to contact us!