When using rice bran oil refining equipment, it has a necessary process, that is the oil deodorization. Then, what factors will affect the process of oil deodorization? Generally, it is mainly affected by the following six aspects:

1. The Temperature
The operating temperature of stripping and deodorizing directly affects the consumption of steam and the length of rice bran oil deodorization time.

2. The Operating Pressure
The amount of steam required for stripping and deodorizing is proportional to the absolute pressure of the rice bran oil equipment.

3. The Speed and Time of Steam
In the stripping and deodorization process, the vaporization efficiency changes with the velocity of entering the water vapor, and the vaporization efficiency increases as the steam velocity increases.

4. The Quality of Non-deodorized Oil and Refined Oil
The quality of non-deodorized rice bran oil determines the initial concentration of the odor component. The quality of the refined rice bran oil determines the final concentration, which has an effect on the oil deodorization.

5. Direct Steam Quality
Direct steam is in direct contact with rice bran oil, so its quality is also critical.

6. The Structure of the Deodorization Equipment
The structural design of the rice bran oil deodorizing equipment is related to the vapor-liquid phase equilibrium state of the stripping process.

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