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The Factors Affecting Oilseed Peeling

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The Factors Affecting Oilseed Peeling

Peeling is a very important part of the processing of oil. In the whole process, each oil processing equipment plays a crucial role. The quality of the equipment directly affects the quality of the refined oil and also affects the production efficiency. The peeling quality is affected by the following several factors:

1. Equipment factor. The suitable oil machinery should be selected for different kinds of raw materials, and the materials stripped from different oil equipment are not the same. Subsequent processing can be carried out more conveniently after proper peeling of the raw materials.

2. Oilseed factor. Different properties of different kinds of raw materials are the reasons that affect the operation of the equipment, such as the hardness, maturity, moisture content of different oil materials and so on. The moisture content in the oilseeds material affects the difficulty of breaking the shell, and the oilseed with a small water content increases the powderiness after peeling. A suitable temperature will reduce the hardness of the oilseed shell and make it easier to separate.

The final oil yield of raw materials is related to many factors and should be considered in many aspects.

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