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The Difference between Oil Press Machine and Oil Refining Equipment

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The Difference between Oil Press Machine and Oil Refining Equipment

Many people confuse oil press equipment with oil refining equipment, but from the perspective of equipment function, the two can be complete sets of equipment, but they are not the same kind of equipment. Oil refinery equipment and oil press equipment are the relationship between the former and the first. The oil press equipment presses the oil from raw materials, and then performs simple filtration, and next enters the oil refining equipment for refining. The purpose of oil refining is dephosphorization, deacidification, decolorization, deodorization, and reaching the standard of national edible oil. For example, the edible oil purchased in the supermarket can be sold on the shelf after refining.

The oil that has not been treated by the oil refining equipment is called crude oil. The oil contains a lot of impurities and heavy metals and PC (lecithin). PE (cephalin), PI (neurophospholipid), PS (phospholipid serine), PA (phosphatidic acid). The phospholipids in the crude oil are active, easy to absorb water and moisture, and the complexes which are easily hydrolyzed with proteins and sugars are present in the colloid of the oil seeds, which are easy to be dew, fever and mildew. It is not only unfavorable for reserve and long-term storage, but also Increasing the formation of non-hydrated phospholipids to cause trouble to refining. Phospholipids are not resistant to high temperatures, are easily decomposed and oxidized, and are easily combined with amino acids and sugars in proteins to form melanin compounds at high temperatures.

Oil press machine covers a wide range: Screw presses, hydraulic presses, fry seed pots, cleaning screens, crushing machine, elevator, etc. These series of equipment are oil press equipment. What you see now is a fully automatic oil press machine that includes a filter, lift feeder, control cabinet and internal heating system. On the basis of the fully automatic oil press machine, adding a frying pan can be open an oil mill.

The oil refining equipment is relatively simple. It is a piece of equipment with several refining barrels. Through various production processes, various harmful impurities in the oil are removed. The oil pressing equipment can be used for oil extraction, the oil filter system on the oil press machine can also be used for simple filtration of the oil. However, the oil refining equipment can only be used to refine the oil. The refined oil has high quality and can be directly sold in the market. .



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