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The Composition of Rice Bran Oil Equipment

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The Composition of Rice Bran Oil Equipment

The complete set of rice bran oil equipment generally refers to the machines that vegetable oil raw materials, such as peanuts, sunflower seeds, soybeans, rapeseeds and other vegetable oil seeds, through a series of processing technologies, such as screening, stone removal, magnetic separation, crushing, steaming and frying, crushing, extraction and refining, to produce cooking oil for human consumption.

The main equipment is oil press

The oil press is divided into hot press and cold press. The hot press is a kind of oil-making machine which is used for pressing, steaming and stir-frying the oilseeds after crushing and steaming. A device that separates oil by screw extrusion. The structure of the cold press is relatively complicated, generally adopts the twin screw design, the raw materials into the press do not need to be steamed, only need to dry the water to squeeze the oil.

Another equipment is rice bran oil extraction workshop

For large-scale processing of plant raw materials, the oilseeds need to be pre-pressed in the early stage. The oil content of the vegetable oilseeds is too high, and the oil cannot be completely separated by one-time extraction. Therefore, oilseeds should be pre-pressed first. The extraction workshop is the key equipment of cooking oil machinery. It is composed of feeding scraper, extractor, evaporator, multi-effect evaporator, cooler and other parts.

The prepared oils cannot be eaten directly because of impurities, and need to be refined. The oil refining equipment is also necessary equipment for edible oil machines. The oil refining machinery includes dehydration, decolorization, deacidification and deodorization processes. Some oils also need to be dewaxed and degreased, or fractionation. The oil equipment is a combined equipment for processing oil. According to the different processing raw materials, the combination and configuration can be selected. Reasonable equipment configuration can save energy, high oil yield and high oil quality.



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