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The advantages of rice bran oil refining process

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The advantages of rice bran oil refining process

The rice bran oil refining process has several advantages:

1. Efficiency: The process is highly energy efficient, which results in higher productivity and lower operational costs.
2. Optimized Use of By-Products: The refining process optimizes the use of by-products, leading to a relatively shorter payback period.
3. Health Benefits: Refined Rice Bran oil is suitable for high-temperature cooking methods such as Stir Frying & Deep Frying. It is considered one of the healthiest oils for human consumption due to its constituents like Y- Oryzonol, Tocopherols & Tocotrienols & Omega 3 Fatty Acid.
4. De-Gumming Process: The de-gumming process in the refining helps eliminate phospholipids, odour, colour, impurities, FFA and pigments. This results in low steam & power consumptions and ensures more yields.
5. Pre-Bleaching Process: The pre-bleaching process helps in removing impurities from the oil. It is designed with higher mixing speed which ensures quick & effective mixing.
6. De-waxing Process: The de-waxing process cools the oil at a temperature where wax converts into solid form (actually in slurry form) while oil remains in liquid form. This results in low steam & power consumption and ensures more yield.
7. Quality: The refining process results in good deacidifying and thermal decoloring effect, high refining yield, and good oil quality.
These advantages make the rice bran oil refining process an effective and efficient method for producing high-quality rice bran oil.



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